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Horse Betting Sites: Major Tips to consider

Horse Betting sites have taken the online betting industry into new dimensions. This industry is an ever evolving industry with more and more individuals getting involved every day. The major advantage of betting through online horse betting site is the time factor. Individuals can bet from anywhere and everywhere at any point of time. This flexibility is perhaps one of the major reasons as to why the online betting industry is evolving at such an amazing rate.

Just like any other industry, one ought to come across numerous leaps and falls. However, in comparison to betting at casinos or stables, this option is a lot safer as one can very well sit in groups and discuss strategies before actually investing. This without a doubt will be a lot more fruitful and the best part is that in the event that an individual loses, the amount of the loss ought to be equally distributed which is by any means a lot more affordable for everyone.

Tips to consider

Here you will get to know the most useful tips that individuals may consider as far as betting at online horse betting sites are concerned. Listed below are some of the most common tips that definitely ought to come in handy:

  1. Before an individual’s starts, he or she must without fail compare the various websites that offer a platform for online betting, one of our favourite platforms to this via is https://bestbettingwebsites.com.au as they have a multitude of different options allowing you to get the most out of each site, every time. You must also examine carefully the various terms and conditions each betting site has to offer. This will ensure that an individual can avoid all sorts of short falls once he or she has begun.
  2. Once an individual has settled for a particular platform, he or she must go through the terms and conditions thoroughly. The sites may have certain criteria’s that are seldom highlighted which may come into play in the event that an individual has won a couple of rounds.
  3. Another thing an individual must do is check out the reviews of the numerous online betters. This will without a doubt help in accessing the conditions. This will also help an individual figure out as to whether or not the site is a fraud.
  4. Checking out the various betting systems the site has to provide is another major task for the online betters who are looking forward to playing a couple of rounds at online betting sites.

After applying these tips in your betting, you definitely earn considerable amount of profit.…

Lennister News

Rolling Substitutes will be introduced in all Adult and Under-21 competitions this coming season…

This follows the successful trialing of the Rolling Subs ELV in various Leinster domestic competitions since March 2009. It is also being introduced ahead of the IRFU implementation of rolling subs in the AIL in 2011/12. An Electronic Game Management system is being developed on behalf of Leinster Rugby by 21st Century (eSportsmanager), the company that presently provides the “Fixtures, Results and Tables” technology on Leinster Rugby’s Domestic Website. This project is progressing satisfactorily and is still on track for implementation at the start of the season.


Leinster Senior League Cup
• The same format as last season is to be maintained i.e. five Pools of four teams with the 12 highest ranked (according to AIL status) playing in Pools 1, 2 & 3. The top two teams in each of these three Pools, along with the winners of Pool 4 & 5, will qualify for the quarter finals on 18th September.

• Co Carlow has opted out of the Senior League Cup in order to play in the South East Area competitions. Tullamore will take their place and join Boyne as the second Junior club in the competition.

• The semi finals have been fixed for 16th October with the final scheduled for the weekend of 7th November.

• The winner of the Leinster Senior League Cup will qualify for the All Ireland Cup, the semi finals of which are scheduled for 8th January 2011.

Senior Seconds League Cup
• This is a new competition that will run parallel to the Senior League Cup (same day, earlier KO). It was originally suggested at the meeting the Branch hosted with the clubs in May and should help in getting clubs mobilised earlier.

Leinster League
• West Offaly Lions admittance into the Leinster League was confirmed and they will play in Division 1B.
• It was decided that Division 3 would be run in two Phases as follow:
? Phase 1 will consist of two pools, one a 7-team and the other a 6-team pool. Teams will play each other once.
? Phase 2 will comprise 2 Sections commencing on Sunday 21st November; Section “A” will be made up of the Top 3 in both Phase 1 Pools while the remaining seven clubs will play in Section “B”. These Sections will be played on a home and away basis.
• It was also decided that promotion and relegation between the Divisions would remain as originally announced when the Branch met the Leinster League clubs last month i.e.
? The bottom team in Div 1A of the Leinster League will be relegated and the top two teams in Div 1B will be promoted. There will be a playoff between the seventh placed team in Div 1A and the team that finishes third in Div 1B.
? The bottom two teams in Div 1B will be relegated to Div 2 and the top two teams in Div 2 will be promoted. There will be a playoff between the seventh placed team in Div 1B and the team that finishes third in Div 2.
? The bottom four teams in Div 2 will be relegated to Div 3 and the top two teams in Div 3 will be promoted to Div 2.
? There will be a playoff between the winner of Section “B” and the bottom Section “A” club in Division 3.

Metro J1 League
• Section “A” will remain at eight teams playing home and away.
• Section “B” will remain at ten teams but will be restructured to reduce the number of games (another suggestion from meeting with clubs in May). All teams will play each other once (every team plays nine games). The top five teams and bottom five will then split into two Pools with each team playing the other teams in their Pool (four more games each).

Metro J2 League
• It was decided to wait until next month, when we have a better idea of participants before deciding on the structure of the J2 League.

J3 League (Friday evening competition)
• It was decided that if a Friday night game is postponed then it would be re-fixed for next available weekend (Friday or Sunday) and must be played that weekend.

J4 League
• Scrummaging to become compulsory; where team fails to scrummage Regulation 1.10 “FAILURE TO FIELD FRONT ROWS” will be applied.
• Number of substitutes / replacements to be reduced to five in order to standardise subs across all competitions.

J5 League
• The Branch wishes to stress that this is a development / novices competition; scrummaging will remain optional but number of substitutes / replacements will be reduced to five.

The Branch

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